About Us

Giftland OfficeMax

Immaculate Customer service, Quality Products and Memorable Experience - is what we strive for at Giftland. Throughout the years, our commitment to these values has made us one of the nation’s largest shopping complex. Our incredible expansion has set the bar for Guyana’s retail shopping and entertainment. We are recognized as, Guyana’s one stop shopping destination, dedicated to quality in every area of our business.

Our Journey

1998 - After returning to Guyana with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Mr. Roy Beepat opened a small stationery and office supply business with less than 250 square feet of retail space and 5 employees.

2001 - Mr. Beepat merged his small stationery business with a small gift shop which was owned by his wife Mrs. Monica Beepat to form Giftland OfficeMax. The new joint venture operated in a small 500 square feet store and employed 10 persons under an owner- managed arrangement.

2003 - Giftland OfficeMax started operating from a location in the shopping center in Georgetown offering Gift Items, Costume Jewelry, Perfumes, Colognes, Stationery and Office Supplies and over the years added a number of Departments including IT/ Electronics, Clothing, Household, Office Equipment and Local Craft among others. After a modest start the business experienced significant growth from 2005 when turnover increased from US$0.6m in the first six months to US$2.0 million in the last six months of that year. This growth included additional departments and increased product lines, and employment of skilled human resources. Space restrictions started to adversely affect sales growth from 2007. During that year, there was some further expansion within the location which combined with improved policies, purchasing, staffing, and ingenious space utilization facilitated further growth in sales.

2008 - Giftland OfficeMax established it’s first subsidiary ‘MCG Investment Inc.’ (referred to Giftland Mall) which was a private company tasked with finding a new platform for Giftland’s expanded business. After much search, it was soon realized that no such platform existed to match Giftland’s capacity and so the Giftland Mall was born.

Early 2009 - MCG Investment Inc. began construction of the largest shopping complex ever built in Guyana’s history with 10 acres of land and 350,000 square foot of central air mall with financing from Giftland OfficeMax and a syndicate of commercial and private loans. Due to limited utility capacity in Guyana, mall’s construction included a state of the art 6.6MW power generation facility.

July 2015 - the Giftland Mall opened its door with Giftland being the main attraction along with three other concessions. The malls success was greatly questioned as this was the first time ever a shopping mall was commissioned in Guyana. Giftland then became an anchor for shopping, with a striking report of 13 million mall visits from July 3rd, 2015 to December, 2019. With Guyana’s population being 700,000, this reflects a high degree of customer retention.

2017 - the Giftland Mall featured over 140 different concessions including the largest Sports, Electronics, Stationery & Office Supplies stores in Guyana and the Caribbean. There are 8 Multiplex Theaters, Video Arcades, Beauty Salons, Health & Nutrition Stores, Barber Shops, a Jewelry Store, ATMs and many more amenities.

December 2017 - The Giftland Group further expanded its reach by opening one of the largest supermarkets in Guyana- FoodMaxx Supermarket and the FoodMaxx Cambio was added in 2019.

December 2019 - The Giftland department store grew exponentially. With 68,000 square foot stocking over 70,000 luxury goods that were selected by Mrs. Beepat and merchandise by Mr. Beepat himself. With innovation, each department grew and grew, solidifying Giftland Department Store the largest shopping complex in the Caribbean, with the most comprehensive range of products.

2020 - The Giftland mall became a licensed private power producer and was contracted by the state owned power company to supply up to 5MW of power to the national grid. In November 2020 Giftland began supplying power to the National Grid.

September 2020 - The Giftland OfficeMax team decided to expand via ecommerce. Adapting after the initial shock of the widespread lockdown that followed the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand patterns has drastically changed, supply chains are largely stable, and what we know as regular shopping has being lifted and replaced by online shopping. We continue to innovate due to these needs in a cross-channel experience, combining the accessibility of a bona fide online experience, with a high touch inclusivity of our store. Today customers seek our speed, convenience, innovation and personalization, all of which are cornerstones to the customer's experience on our website.